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Kai Fiebach

My name is Kai Fiebach. I live and work in L├╝beck near the Baltic Sea in North Germany. After finishing my studies in Information Technology I have been working for several years as a software engineer in the communication sector and as an IT manager for a university of music. In addition, I am also an enthusiastic musician.

I work as English to German translator since 2001, because the need for sophisticated software localizations became evident: While the professional localizations of films and books are fulfilling highest quality standards today, the localizations of many software programs unfortunately lack precision, completeness and wit. This is even more surprising the more time people spend with poorly translated programs - because a movie is seen in relatively short time whereas many people spend weeks or even months of their life with some programs, and here they expect a natural language.

As a software developer and artist, I have learnt to handle both complex techniques and human needs. In the best case a translation makes the user feel comfortable with a product that is so intuitively understandable as if it had been made directly in the target language. During the last years, I have worked on many interesting projects of which the history epic Sid Meier's Civilization IV (Firaxis Games) was bringing me the most work and joy. Of course, I also like to translate pure texts, especially topics in which human nature meets complex situations.